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New for 2019 - Seed Garlic Available

After years of growing garlic for our CSA, this year we decided to enter into a new endeavor, Seed Garlic. We have two varieties that will be available for shipment in late July or early August, Chesnok and Armenian. We are taking orders now for the seed garlic and the garlic scapes that we will have in June. Our garlic is grown on soil that has been organic since the mid 1990s and we continue to use organic methods on this pristine farm located in Caledonia, Illinois while we are working on getting our certification.

Armenian Garlic is one of the porcelain garlics. It has four to six very large white cloves and is a full flavored hearty garlic. Harvests earlier than Chesnok and is a dependable, easy to grow heirloom garlic. Perfect for beginning growers. We are pricing ours at $22.00 for 1-9 lbs and $20.00 for 10 to 25 lbs.

Chesnok is a red garlic that has anywhere from 8 to 12 purple hued cloves. It is a great baking garlic, long storage and has a very sweet flavor when cooked. Chesnok prices are $17.00 for 1-9 lbs and $16.00 for 10 to 25 lbs. 

Garlic scapes will be ready some time in June.

To order, fill out the Garlic order form and submit. We will confirm receipt of your order and send Pay Pal payment information when we are ready to ship. All prices include shipping.

Beaver Creek Gardens has been providing garlic to our subscribers since 2009. 

Garlic harvested in 2017